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Welcome to Sioux Falls Family Vision

Welcome to Sioux Falls Family Vision

We are committed to offering you an extensive array of eye care services utilizing the latest technology available in the eye care industry.

Proudly Serving the Sioux Falls Area for 11 Years

Proudly Serving the Sioux Falls Area for 11 Years

Once again voted the Local Best, Sioux Falls Family Vision is a proven leader in family eye care.

Wondering about Insurance Coverages?

Wondering about Insurance Coverages?

Wondering if your insurance will cover your visit? We accept many of the most popular insurance providers. Click the image for a full list or give us a call to find out more!

Computer Vision Solutions

SightSync- NeuroLenses

Sioux Falls Family Vision is proud to offer you a new solution to fatigue you may encounter from reading or looking at a computer for extended periods of time.

We are the first Optometry in Sioux Falls to use SightSync Technology. It has proven to reduce or eliminate symptoms you can have everyday.

Our SightSync system allows us to test and see how your eyes sync when looking at pictures and information displayed. If your eyes are not syncing properly you could have eyeGraines causing the fatigue you experience.

SightSync is the next step

"Ever since I was in elementary school I have suffered with headaches and the doctors told me it was just migraines and the eye doctor said my vision was 20/20. So I was told the only thing I could do was take ibuprofen. As I went through high school and onto college I had an extremely hard time studying because I would just get such extreme migraines the only thing I could do was sleep. It was very limiting because this occurred pretty much every day of every week and was extremely frustrating. I would get nauseous almost every time and everyone was always in shock as to why I was sick and I would just say yep this is normal...Then I was finally so sick of constantly taking medicine I decided to go back to my family doctor and eye doctor once again. The family doctor did nothing except told me to keep taking pills. Went to Sioux Falls Family Vision and FINALLY an answer!! The gut feeling that something was wrong with my eyes was actually true. Since wearing the NeuroLenses my headaches are totally gone, I can study, read, drive and do everything normal once again and let me tell you wearing glasses is a million times better than suffering in pain everyday."

Let us help your symptoms

  • Headaches
  • Eye strain and fatigue associated with computer use
  • Tired and/ or dry eyes
  • Neck/ shoulder pain and stiffness while working on a computer
  • Difficulty and discomfort with prolonged read
  • Light sensitivity
  • Impaired sleep
  • Dizziness

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms above we want to get you back on track. We will be able to take corrective action with NeuroLenses and give you the relief needed.

NeuroLenses allow your eyes to communicate seamlessly and are personalized specifically to you. If you have a standard eyeglass perscription your NeuroLenses are customized to include your prescription.

Contact us today to schedule a Free Evaluation and reduce the pain caused by eyeGraines.

To find out more information on eyeGraines, NeuroLenses and SightSync go to eyebrainmedical.com or give us a call.

Hours of Operation

  • Monday & Wednesday: 8-6
  • Tuesday & Thursday: 8-8
  • Friday: 8-12
  • Saturday: Closed
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