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Welcome to Sioux Falls Family Vision

Welcome to Sioux Falls Family Vision

We are committed to offering you an extensive array of eye care services utilizing the latest technology available in the eye care industry.

Proudly Serving the Sioux Falls Area for 11 Years

Proudly Serving the Sioux Falls Area for 11 Years

Once again voted the Local Best, Sioux Falls Family Vision is a proven leader in family eye care.

Wondering about Insurance Coverages?

Wondering about Insurance Coverages?

Wondering if your insurance will cover your visit? We accept many of the most popular insurance providers. Click the image for a full list or give us a call to find out more!


This condition is commonly called “lazy eye” and occurs when one eye develops differently than the other eye. This causes one eye to be weaker than the other. Often times the two eyes cannot function together because of one being too weak. Most times the patient with amblyopia causes one eye to do most of the work in seeing. Other times, the eyes are misaligned, causing one eye to totally “shut down” to avoid double vision issues. Regardless of the cause, the result is a weakened eye.

It’s hard to spot an amblyopic eye. Sometimes in a child the parents will notice that they favor one eye over the other when focusing on an object. The best way to tell if you child has a lazy eye is through a complete eye exam around six months to three years. Early diagnosis can prevent amblyopia from leading to more serious problems such as loss of ability to have depth of field vision and dimensional ability to see binocularly as in healthy two eyed patients.

Treatment options involve encouraging the weak eye to develop. This is done using eye patches, vision therapy, glasses, and usually a combination of the three. The strong eye may be patched to encourage the weak eye to develop. Vision therapy can help to correct improper use of the eyes. Most often, the amblyopic eye will always require glasses.

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