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Welcome to Sioux Falls Family Vision

Welcome to Sioux Falls Family Vision

We are committed to offering you an extensive array of eye care services utilizing the latest technology available in the eye care industry.

Proudly Serving the Sioux Falls Area for 11 Years

Proudly Serving the Sioux Falls Area for 11 Years

Once again voted the Local Best, Sioux Falls Family Vision is a proven leader in family eye care.

Wondering about Insurance Coverages?

Wondering about Insurance Coverages?

Wondering if your insurance will cover your visit? We accept many of the most popular insurance providers. Click the image for a full list or give us a call to find out more!


As a person reaches the ages of 40 to 45, they usually develop a condition called presbyopia. This condition is caused from the aging process inside the eye and there is nothing you can do to stop the process. Even if you have never had an issue with your eyesight and vision, you will eventually reach a state of presbyopia.

Presbyopia is the condition where the eye can no longer focus on objects near the eye. Presbyopic patients have a difficult time reading the newspaper without reading glasses or contact lenses. Most patients believe that this condition happens “all of a sudden” but in fact it happens over a long extended time. The condition comes to mind when functional vision is impaired enough to effect reading.

Bifocals or reading glasses are a way to remedy this situation and many of our patients have benefited from the wide range of glasses or fitted contact lenses from our office.

There are also some very exciting new procedures for the treatment of presbyopia. The doctors at Sioux Falls Family Vision can tell you more about these new procedures and treatment options to see if they are right for you and your lifestyle.

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