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Welcome to Sioux Falls Family Vision

Welcome to Sioux Falls Family Vision

We are committed to offering you an extensive array of eye care services utilizing the latest technology available in the eye care industry.

Proudly Serving the Sioux Falls Area for 11 Years

Proudly Serving the Sioux Falls Area for 11 Years

Once again voted the Local Best, Sioux Falls Family Vision is a proven leader in family eye care.

Wondering about Insurance Coverages?

Wondering about Insurance Coverages?

Wondering if your insurance will cover your visit? We accept many of the most popular insurance providers. Click the image for a full list or give us a call to find out more!

Hyperopia (Far-Sighted)

Hyperopia or farsightedness is the term used to describe an eye that can focus on objects that are further away, but has a very difficult time seeing clearly objects which are close. In the hyperopic eye, the length of the eye from the cornea back to the retina is shorter than normal, which prevents the crystalline lens in the eye from focusing the image correctly on the retina.

Studies and statistics vary, but most indicate that about 25% of the population has some degree of hyperopia. Hyperopic patients must consider more routine eye examinations because as a shorter eye than normal, they also share a higher risk for glaucoma and other issues associated with degenerative disorders of the eye as they age.

Hyperopia can be corrected with glasses or contacts in most patients. There are also some laser and new intraocular procedures that can correct the hyperopic condition in most patients. Hyperopic patients most often also have Astigmatism within their vision problems, and new treatments for these combination issues in the hyperopic patient have recently been introduced.

Your doctor at Sioux Falls Family Vision can tell you more about the options for the Hyperopic patient.

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